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Cleaning Process – A green, true earth-friendly process

We specialise in the HOST® Dry Extraction method which ensures your carpets and rugs are back in use almost immediately, clean, dry and looking at their very best. This method of cleaning has been developed over more than 50 years, and is used in 60 countries and by some of the world’s largest organisations.

No waiting for your carpet to dry, no dampness and no inconvenience. "Forget Wet"

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Carpets & Rugs

The advantages

We offer a free, no-obligation in-home survey to discuss your cleaning requirements. We will then explain the cleaning process and the expected results. The price we quote is the full and final price you pay. No other services or add-ons will be offered - our reputation is our main selling point and will not be compromised.

Free Carpet Survey & Written Quotation

Carpets and rugs are back in use straight away, clean, dry and looking their best!